NEW Date for the NEXT Real Happy Vibes LIME at Union Market, DC - Sunday, September 25! We're celebrating Trinidad and Tobago's Republic Day and MUCH More - Stay tuned for more details, soon!

About CariBeat

Dear Famalay,

In 2006, we moved to the United States from our Caribbean island paradise - Trinidad and Tobago, and founded "CariBeat" - a culinary-cultural movement geared to bring Caribbean warmth and happiness to the entire world.

We believe that EVERYONE - of ALL creeds, races, colors, genders, religions -ALL HUMAN BEINGS DESERVE TO BE HAPPY! We also believe that all mankind is a member of ONE FAMALAY!

Where we come from - there is "family", who are blood relatives and there is "famalay", who are our brothers and sisters because they share Mother Earth with us. We created  CariBeat's One Famalay Movement to unite everyone in our community, in our country, and in our world.

We know that there is no more powerful way to foster unity, than shared happiness. And that's why our mission is to spread real happy vibes all over the world - through food, fashion, and fun!

When we migrated to the United States, we felt the need to bring our love for unity and diversity to the US. Having grown-up in a culturally, socially, and ethnically diverse region, we learnt, first hand, about the power of food to bring people together. We have seen how sharing a meal, cooking together, even eating in the same location, can breakdown barriers, dismantle misperceptions, and connect people, regardless of age, race, gender, affiliation, or belief. 

There's one thing that we all truly have in common - WE ALL EAT!

That's why CariBeat's product lines represent true diversity, including the Latino, Indian, African, and Asian influences, that can be found in the beautiful islands of the Caribbean region.

Our vision for America and for the world is that we all love as ONE Famalay - with Real Happy Vibes. We love bringing people together, in sharing, connection, relationship, laughter, conversation - all with real happy vibes.

Thanks for joining our Real Happy Vibes Movement

With Caribbean Warmth & Happiness,

Luis & Monique McSween

Co-Founders and Co-owners

CariBeat LLC